Tuesday, April 24, 2012

17 weeks!

So I realized I haven't talked about food cravings or aversions yet.  I ought to given my how I've lived the last 2 years of my life dietary wise.

So my first pregnancy I gagged probably about 5 times and that was the extent of my pregnancy woes (other than the typical being tired).  This pregnancy I've had a lot more subtle food aversions.  I say subtle in that I probably could suffer through and eat most things I'm averse to without throwing up, but it would be a great trial and very unpleasant experience with much gagging.  I even had one day where a green smoothie - green smoothie of all things - ended up being disgusting by the time I was done drinking it.  I gave up on smoothies for several days since then and have just been eating veggies separately and blending up spinach juice for an iron punch!

As for cravings, I've noticed my desire for carbs/grains go up, which is funny because I'm actually not all that into grains usually.  I mean, by the time you take out yummy (unhealthy) white breads and pastas (which I wasn't really eating for the last 2 years anyways), all the cooked grains and healthy breads left, I don't really enjoy all that much.  Give me beans and greens, baby.  And really, I generally (pre-pregnancy) don't mind too much avoiding the pasta, white bread, chips, and other refined grains.  But I've noticed crazy insane cravings for all the grains/carbs that I'd pretty much given up for the last 2 years - and don't even get me started on chips and dip.  Eeesh, have I got to get back to eating veggies and bean dip again, and not chips and bean dip.  But oh man, those chips taste amazing like I've never tasted them before.  But seriously, I recognize the unhealthy chip thing I have going on and need to nip it in the bud.

I think later on I'll do a post more about eating and weight gain, but that's for another day.

17 Weeks!
I had my second prenatal appointment today and was so glad to hear little Nubbin's heart beat again.  I'm grateful for the 6 weeks spacing due to the 45 minute drive, but I miss hearing the little heart beat more often.  But everything looked good today!  :-)

Love you baby.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

16 weeks!

16 weeks saw the return of more energy and God's abundant grace.  (Not that God's grace was lacking before, but it was very clear this past week.) We've been doing a lot of "home improvement" things in the house now that William is home in the evenings, we have a paycheck again, and it's long overdue stuff that desperately needs to be done before the baby comes. And amazingly enough, I keep plugging away at it day after day and I haven't crashed yet. Even with some heavier lifting that truthfully my midwife would probably scowl at, I've managed to avoid a bad, exhausted, lay on the couch kind of day.  Which is really cool given my week 15 saw 2 of those days.  Today was the exception I mentioned in my last post about waking up great, and wanting to go to bed by 10am.

I've given up trying to decide if I actually look bigger each week.  Some days I feel huge and some days not.  Some days I look big and some days not.  (Big being relative at this point people.)  And some weeks I swear I look smaller than weeks before, but who really knows....

I keep waiting and hoping to feel the baby move soon, but no such luck.  Of course maybe that's cause I actually forget to pay attention at night when it's likely to happen, and at this stage, I think you still have to pay close attention to feel any movements.  So far any movement is just me gurgling around in there. :-P

Mama loves you baby.  :-)

15 weeks!

So week 15 was a continuum of the good days and bad days.  I had several good days (probably too good where I pushed too much) and then collapsed on the couch for nearly two days and could do nothing.  <sigh>  You never know what to expect when you wake up in the morning.  Like today when I woke up (week 16) I felt fine and almost bounded out of bed, and then by 10am I was ready to go to bed for the day.  

That shirt is a non-maternity shirt, which still fits just fine, but I could see a bit of stretch in the belly when I took the shirt off that evening.  Since I actually bought new clothes when I lost all the weight, I am paranoid about stretching anything out, so all non-maternity clothes cared about have been officially retired.  Which is a shame cause I'm sadly lacking in some warm weather maternity items still.  I wish I knew how long I could wear an item without permanently stretching it any.  Most of my non-maternity clothes easily still fit, but have been retired because they are a bit stretched at the end of the day.  Thank goodness for some freecycle maternity clothes, even if there were no summer shorts. :-)

14 Weeks!

So I seem to be good at posting pictures about two weeks late.

I can't remember much about week 14 at this point now since I'm two weeks late posting.  But I do remember having several good days in a row, and then being completely thrown off by another bad day or two appearing.  The ringing in the ears was gone, but the bad days did have fatigue and a little bit of nausea in the morning.  Oh well.  Growing a person.  What can I say.

Oh oh!  I did manage to get 2 bodyrock workouts in this week which was awesome and made me feel great.  (See me in my workout clothes.)  Hey....maybe that's why the tiredness returned...  :-/