Friday, June 17, 2011

Big Boy Bed Take 1

My little mommy heart alternately is bursting with excitement for Charlie and this momentous occasion, and weeping a little over the lost little babyhood.  I know every mother out there before me knows exactly what I'm talking about.  I'm sure it is all too similar to the feeling you get when you see your son having his first dance with his wife on his wedding day, and realizing that you are incredibly proud and excited that he's gotten to that moment, but also weepy and sad that your little son has really put childhood behind him and is now taking care of someone else.


Whoa.  Heaviness.  My little mama heart is breaking now.

So to get the light hearted mood are some pictures I just couldn't resist taking of Charlie snoozing for his VERY FIRST TIME in his big boy bed.  (I would call it his 'BBB' but I think I would confuse myself and starting thinking of BedBathandBeyond.)

I took a chance cracking the door open again to get some shots, but I knew I had to commemorate the milestone, even if he woke up.

You can tell it's typical Charlie all the way.  Animals and blankets scattered everywhere (it's actually reduced since I snuck some of them away when I packed up his old bed), with a book close at hand, his Lully and a lego right by his head, and lying right on top of his blanket.

The bed is actually supposed to have a head and foot board, which you can see leaned up against the wall in the first picture.   Mama didn't realize it required a power drill and more time than she had to put it together, so it's just a mattress on the wooden frame right now.  The head and foot board are actually my grandmother's - or her grandmother's or maybe my great-grandmother's.....okay I'm not quite sure on that one.  They got passed down from my older sister who wasn't using them anymore, and they definitely have been in the family at least since my grandmother.  I'll have to sort that out.  Either way, it's a great way to save some money, reuse and be green, and keep a family heirloom in the family.

May all future night nights in the big boy bed go as well as today did.

Hey, a mom can wish, can't she?

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